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Magda, Nisha, Dan, Kavi, Kudah and I spent the weekend in Bordeaux.  Dan’s sister, Hannah, is a wine consultant and was kind enough to host us.

We arrived Friday early evening, and enjoyed a lovely french meal at a little wine bar, Le Parcelle.  It was so perfect that we managed to spend 5 hours, trying out various wines, and enjoying an amazing plate of oysters, as well as fromage and charcuterie.

The next day was our visit to the vineyards.  We met Hannah at Clos Monicord, a family winery in Verac.  Clos Monicord is one of Hannah’s clients, so we were fortunate enough to have a few hours with the winemaker, where we received a tour of the vineyards and winery, a great education on wine making, as well as some tastings!

Following our morning at Clos Monicord, we drove to St Emilion for lunch.   We had a fabulous lunch (with some great wine), and then spent the afternoon strolling through the town.  We stopped in some wine boutiques as well as spent some time hanging out on the lawn, sipping some Bordeaux sparkling.

We were very fortunate to have a local expert in our presence, making it so we got the best of Bordeaux wine tasting/drinking as well as a good understanding of the wine region.

The day was perfect, as was the evening.  We went back into Bordeaux and enjoyed a dinner of Corsican tapas (and wine) at A Cantina.

On Sunday, most of the group had early flights, but Nisha, Magda and I managed to fit in a visit to Bordeaux’s market on the riverbank.  It was filled with amazing crepes, macarons, canneles, oysters, wild strawberries and beautiful cheeses. 

Overall, a great weekend – filled with amazing food, wine, people and sunshine!