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I haven’t seen the rest of Scandinavia yet, but if Copenhagen is representative of the major cities, then they must be worth seeing.  While cold, it is sunny, cosmopolitan and full of culture and nightlife.  Not to mention, the Danes are the most friendly, kind people and they speak great English.

The city is extremely picturesque.  While it is cold, it is still sunny and filled with a mixture of new architecture, historic cobble-stone squares and canals and a bike culture that remind one of Amsterdam.  The streets are lined with cafes and restaurants, equipped with blankets and heat lamps to prolong use of outdoor seating.

We arrived in Copenhagen late Friday night, so we checked into the hotel and immediately set out for Studiestrade – a street filled with cosy bars.  This was followed by a leisurely Saturday, filled with great meals and an amazing night out (until 5am!).  And Sunday was about a relaxed day to see the city – by boat.

The Danes really made our experience memorable – prior to arrival, we had recommendations on places to eat and visit by a friend of mine, and then on the flight, Stephanie (a local to Copenhagen) armed me with further recommendations.  Upon arrival, Danni, the hotel concierge, helped narrow down my list and giving us a personalised experience to how to spend Saturday night.