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Kudah had a business trip to Dublin, so I decided to tag along for a quick, weekend getaway.

While it was freezing in Dublin, the friendly people and hearty food more than made up for it.  It is true – the Irish eat a lot of potatoes and hearty food, not to mention, drink heavy beer (Guiness).  Personally, I like my Guiness the girly way, with Black Current in it.

As for the people, they are extremely friendly.  From the taxi drivers to just people on the street, they will strike up conversation and welcome you to town.

We didn’t do much sight-seeing, but we visited a few places that were well worth it:

1. Guiness Storehouse

This is quite extravagent and an interesting experience.  At the top, there is the Guiness bar, where you get a pint of Guiness (included in your ticket price), and it really does taste better here!

2. Kilmainham Jail

I would have never visited the jail, but it came highly recommended, and now I know why.  If you don’t know anything about Irish history, the tour here will fill you in.  This prison played an important role in Irish history.  Many of the country’s leaders were kept here, and some even executed in the jail.  I can’t recommend it enough, but remember to dress warm – it is cold in the jail walls.

Oh..and there really are leprechuans in Ireland!