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About Mykonos

Mykonos is a glamorous party island and Greece’s answer to Ibiza. There are beach clubs playing music all day and nightclubs hopping until dawn. But there is more to Mykonos than parties. Mykonos town brings a charming Cycladic white-washed maze where you can wander through boutiques, cafes and bars. On the outskirts of the town are the famous Mykonos windmills. Just below them, there are picturesque houses and seaside bistros that form Little Venice.

Mykonos in Little Venice overlooking Windmills

The Perfect Long Weekend

We decided to visit Mykonos as a group of friends, and saw it as a much more chilled out destination than Ibiza. We stayed at a beautiful villa in Ornos, set on the cliff overlooking the ocean. The villa had a large swimming pool, BBQ, kitchen and plenty of space for all 12 of us. We spent the weekend spending time with one another and catching up, but also making the most of Mykonos.

To truly experience this island, you have to visit a beach club during the day, dance into the sunset on the sand, sail and swim around the island and indulge in amazing Greek gastronomy.

Villa Ornos Mykonos

How to Pick a Beach Club

There are a number of beach clubs dotted all around the island, most with sun beds for the day and DJs into the night. We decided to spend the day at Kalua, which was a perfect choice for the day. We had called around to all the favourites and this one was a nice balance of location (not on the windy side of the island), cost (beach beds were 30 euros, not 150 euros), reservations (we were able to book in advance and show up any time before 1pm) and a cool atmosphere. We enjoyed a full day of food and drinks on sun beds and some amazing swimming in calm waters.

Separately, we spent one evening having drinks and nibbles at Scorpios. This is a famous beach club and a great spot to watch the sunset and dance on the sand. I could have stayed there all night – such a cool atmosphere.

Kalua Beach Club Mykonos

Restaurants and Bars

With four days in Mykonos, we were able to experience all sorts of amazing food. We visited the local bakery and butcher at the bottom of the hill in Ornos for dining at the villa and we went out around Mykonos town for some great meals and cocktails. The highlight was probably m-eating, which was a restaurant I had visited in 2016, and as it turns out, is still great. In terms of drinks, we opted for more low key options rather than the loud dance clubs, with Guzel Garden being my favourite as it’s set under a church covered in beautiful flowers.

Guzel Garden

Sailing around Mykonos

No trip is complete without a chance to get out on the water. We chartered a catamaran for the day and sailed to the nearby islands. We managed to have a no-wind day (surprising for Mykonos) so it was less about sailing and more about swimming. We sailed from 9:30-3pm with three different swimming stops near Reina, the neighbouring island, and we also had an amazing lunch on the boat. The chef cooked fresh prawns, calamari, chicken and a bunch of different vegetables for us on the boat!

Mykonos Catamaran


We had a great time in Mykonos. It was a perfect way to catch up with friends and have a relaxed but fun long weekend.