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I had heard that Singapore was boring – the place to live if you have a family, or if you don’t mind leaving every weekend, as it is a great travel hub.  

That said, I’d say Singapore has more to offer than that – it’s filled with great food and a colorful cultural mix, as well as a growing set of skyscrapers, restaurants and nightlife.

It’s nearly impossible to write a cohesive post about Singapore as I had a fabulous host in this city, who really took me around everywhere – clubbing, dining, and to see the different neighborhoods and just get a feel for the city in general – it’s just that I can’t say I was paying close enough attention to map it all out, and I can’t really say that we fit in any true sight seeing in during this visit.

In terms of neighborhoods, we did manage to make it to Chinatown, Arab Street, Little India, and of course, I needed to see the shopping for work!  Chinatown is one of the oldest neighborhoods in Singapore, and also home to an Indian temple! 

Arab street, is the center of Muslim life in Singapore.  Upon arrival, you’ll see a striking Mosque, Sultan Mosque, which boasts Turkish, Persian and Moorish influences.  We walked around the little streets filled with shops and cafes, and also stopped for some tea and shisha 🙂

Little India is just as the name suggests, filled with Indians, food and people everywhere. It truly feels like India.  We had dinner here.

Singapore is also filled with loads of shopping. As a westerner, the prices don’t justify making any purchases. That said, Orchard Road is worth a visit – filled with local and international fashion brands.  I also visited 4 other malls, but again, only because of work.