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Following Carnaval, we went to Rio for some time to rest prior to going back to London. We stayed in Copacabana and spent most of the time enjoying the beach, food, nightlife, with a bit of sight-seeing squeezed in.

In addition to being known for Carnival, Rio is famous for its gorgeous landscape and relaxed beach culture.  The city is surrounded by mountains and miles of coastline, including Pao De Acucar (Sugar Loaf mountain) (395m), Corcovado (704m) and Tijuca (1,021m). In addition to its beauty, it is filled with great nightlife, hot bodies and refreshing caipirinhas – making it an easy place to forget your worries and enjoy life.

Quotes from the trip

“Happy, smiling and kissing” – Tiago

“When they say no, they really mean yes” – Tiago

“Food will not be a priority if it’s only for two days” – Prachi

“Can you come between my legs” – Bogdan, talking to Prachi

“Raj is complicated” – Prashanth

“Drink is like water pouring in the empty spaces in your stomach . They don’t take the same space” – Bogdan

“We’re in Brasil. Everything is experimental” – Trang

“Wait! Is there a washroom in here?” – Raj

“I wonder what brasilians eat for their boobs and asses” – Raj (seriously)

“I’m partially pregnant” – Bogdan

“Something suspense” – Prashanth

“The top is good, the bottom Is not” – Bogdan