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I normally don’t blog any of my US travels, whether they are for work or pleasure, but I decided to make an exception because this weekend was special.

Back in April, Jay had this idea that we could all surprise Rusha and descend upon Houstan for Satya’s 1st Birthday. For various reasons, this didn’t work out, and instead, we had a reason to all meet in NYC instead, and still surprise Rusha!

Rusha got off the plane and found Hansa at LGA.  Then then took a taxi to Williamsburgh, where

I was waiting in our air bnb flat for the weekend (Surprise 2).  Shortly thereafter, Akhila knocked at the door (Surprise 3).

And at that point, we all went over to Vipin and Bonnie’s for an all American BBQ with Chef Vipin making his famous meat falling off the bone BBQ ribs.  

Later that evening, the final surprise came in with Hima arriving! The night ended in amazing fireworks across the NYC skyline.

The rest of the weekend was just as fabulous, filled with girlie things – massages, manicures, food and drink.