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We woke up and headed to the beach to have mango pancakes!

Next we headed to Thong Sala to rent a scooter and check out the rest of the island.

Riding in Chaloklum.

Having lunch in Chaloklum.

mmm…fresh BBQ Snapper.

The dry waterfall – Phangan Waterfall.

The strait to get over to Koh Ma

Our short visit to Koh Ma since while over, we lost of the keys to the scooter!

We found the keys! Let’s take a photo with Koh Ma in the background and head out.

Riding our 45 minute trip (8 miles) back from Thong Sala to Thong Nai in the back of a pick up truck.

Along the way, we stopped at the school so the driver could pick up his kids.

We got back, and took a long tail boat to Bottle Beach.

Relaxing at Bottle Beach.

Drinks at Bottle Beach.

Fresh mango juice!

What was in his long island ice tea?

Heading back from Bottle Beach to Thong Nai


Laying on the boat.

Dinner at Stone Beach BBQ.

Red wine.

Don’t try to eat an entire Rambutan in one mouthful…