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We started out early to head to the Fish Market. We hit the morning rush on the JR.

After inaccurate navigation on the JR and local subway lines (they are not linked), we caught a cab and headed to Tjukiji Fish Market. The market is huge – Pike Place doesnt even come close.

Fish Fish machines and people moving around in carts.

After almost getting run over by the people in their motorized carts, we took United’s 3 Perfect Day’s recommendation and to Sushizanmai for great sushi.

But on the way out of the market, we couldnt pass up some tempura.

Now it was time to walk the food off. We walked from the fish market to Hamariku Gardens.

The kitties in the garden.

After walking through part of the garden, we stopped in the Tea House for some green tea and a sweet.

Next, we boarded a ferry and went up the river.

We passed about 10 bridges along the way.

And landed in Asakusa.

We walked through the market on the way to Sensoji Temple.

Japenese girl getting shaved ice in the market.

The garbage man!

We arrived at Sensoji Temple.

Be bought incense and lit it with the others as it is necessary to breathe the ashes in order to heal all ailments.

Next we got our fortunes. Shake the box, pull out matchstick with a number on it. Open the door with the matching number and read your fortune.

Yay! Kudah has good luck!

Now, its time to find the local Udon place. It was so local that they did not have picture menus and of course, they did not speak any English. We said “Udon”. Shortly after, the nice lady brought us each a bowl of Udon. I had Tanuki Udon and Kudah has Kitune Udon, each 400 Yen.

Kudah and the Udon Lady.

We stopped at the TIC before heading out of Asakusa. The kiddies just got out of school and were waiting to be picked up.

Next, we were off to Ueno. We went to see the pandas at Ueno Zoo. Poor pandas.

After walking through Ueno Park and the Zoo, we continued to Electric City.

We headed back, rested, and headed out for dinner. We went to Bincho for Yakitori. Yum.

After dinner in Roppongi, we walked around for a bit and then called it a night.