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We started off the day at Shinagawa Station, in an attempt to purchase our first pair of tickets for the JR.

Once off the train, we paid a visit to the Lucky Dog at Shibuya.

Is Kudah a police officer in Shibuya?

Sipping our lattes at Starbucks as we watch all the people cross the main Shibuya intersection.

Another Starbucks!

We walked around Shibuya, and noticed some guys in an arcade…And we thought we were good at DDR. You should see these boys go!

The infamous Love hotels. We contemplated it, as it was only 450 Yen per hour, but decided to pass.

After seeing the love hotels, we thought it was time to head out and go to Shinjuku. We were looking for Smokey Alley, as the guidebook suggested the street for good restarants. After walking around and trying to get help, we decided to skip it and eat with the local businessmen at Curry place. Not our favorite, but we needed to try it.

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building. Little did we know why it was critical to go up to one of the Towers….

We looked out the windows and were amazed at just how large Tokyo was. The spanse of the city was amazing. Seattle was a small town compared to Tokyo.

We were ready to leave Shinjuku and head over to Hirajuku. On our way to Hirojuku, we found a market in the Shinjuku station. Baked goods, green tea, and Sushi!

We got to Hirajuku and headed to Meiji Shrine. In order to enter the shrine, it was important to cleanse ourselves.

Now it was time to explore the shopping area. Snoopy lives on! Shivani and Snoopy at Snoopy Town.

We walked from Hirajuku to Shibuya Station. After a long day, we stopped back at the hotel before dinner….what was supposed to be a 5 minute nap became a 4 hour nap, and we woke up at 11pm. Unfortunately, all the Japanese restaurants were closed, so we went to the 24 hour Italien Diner. The look on Kudah’s face says it all.