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3 bad plane meals, 3 vodka tonics each, and 9.5 hours later, we had arrived in Narita. After exchanging some money and buying bus tickets, we were off to test out the funky drinks in the Japanese vending machines.

Following that little adventure, we boarded the bus and by 6pm, were checking into our hotel – The La Meridien Pacific Tokyo. Now it was time to scavenge for food. We headed to the streets, and found a little restaruant under Shinagawa Station.

We followed by stopping for ice cream, and little did we know, we were about to experience our first ice cream vending experience. We stopped in the ice cream shop, and had to decipher the kanji written on the machine. We put our yen in, and out came a ticket. We presented this to the women at the counter, and she then provided us with a honey and sesame ice cream.

Now it was time for bed.