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Today, we skipped the Sheraton Boat and for 13 Baht, boarded the local taxi boat.

Monks on the boat.

Kudah standing in the reserved Space for Monks.

Getting lost on our way to S&P.

Cold Coffee at S&P.

Durien…it smelled terrible.

Tuk Tuk. 20 Baht to the Grand Palace.

The Grand Palace.

After walking through the Palace, it was time for a break and some refreshing coconut water.

Now it was time to go out. Q Bar is the hot, trendy place to be in Bangkok. It costs 700 Baht per person for foreigners ($20) and free for the local thai girls. Interesting, huh? Needless to say, the bar was filled with white men and thai girls.

We had enough of Q, and headed down the street to Cheap Charlie’s. No cover and drinks for about 50 Baht. There we met our new British friends.

The girls.