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Crete wasn’t even on my radar of must-see places to visit,
but I was fortunate enough to stumble on this magical island.

I had just booked a flight to San Sebastian, and then met up
with Lenny for drinks. He was on his way to Crete for a few weeks, and then
mentioned that there was an extra room in the villa and invited me to
join.  I couldn’t resist, and immediately
changed the flights to San Sebastian (so stay tuned for that trip!).

Due to schedules, we booked flights in Heraklion, and worked
our way towards Chania.  Due to a late
arrival in Heraklion, we decided to spend the night there, and leisurely work
our way to the group.

While it was late when we arrived in Heraklion, it didn’t
stop the bars from staying open. It was a great chance to have a late night
walk around the town center, and enjoy a beer and some live music.

The next morning, we made a quick tour of Heraklion before
starting our drive to Kokkino Chorio, a beautiful villaged situated just 28jm
from Chania. It’s a gorgeous drive, and we also made a couple stops along the
way for lunch, and to take visit the monastery in Rethymno, Arkadi Monastary.

We eventually arrived at Adeste Villas, and while not easy
to find the actual villa, once you do, it is well worth it!  We were staying in a 4 bedroom modern villa,
fitted in a mosaic of Mediterranean colours nd equipped with a fully kitted
kitchen, a nice pool and Jacuzzi and of course, spectacular views.  We arrived in perfect time for a sunset swim,
before joining the group for dinner at a taverna in the main town.

Everything about Crete is peaceful. It was so easy to sleep
in and have a leisurely breakfast in the villa, before going for a swim, and
then deciding if it was time to just chill out, or venture out to a local beach
or for a walk.

We made a couple beach visits, one to Kalives beach which
was filled with seafront cafes and tavernas with sun loungers and cocktails.  And the other one being Ombrogialos.
Ombrogialos is not really a beach, but rather a rocky bay with clear turquoise
waters that would be perfect for snorkeling or diving. Unfortunately,t he sea
was rough while we visited, but we still enjoyed the sloping, twisty road down
to the beach, and also a nice lunch at the fish tavern there.

The taverna is owned by a local couple and it is the only
thing around. It is the perfect place to enjoy some fresh local fish, and relax
with a stunning view.

We had an amazing couple days just relaxing and enjoying the
villa and village around it.

On our way home, we stopped in Chania for dinner (as we were
flying out of Chania).  I didn’t think
much of it, but I couldn’t be more grateful that we did it – seeing Chania’s
Venetian Harbour made me want to extend the trip, and while that wasn’t
possible, it is definitely a reason for me to go back and soak in this lovely

We enjoyed a lovely dinner at Kritamon Wine bar, which is
located on a narrow, cobbled street, and it was wonderful.  Little did I know that once you continue to
the end of the narrow street, you are on the waterfront of this magical
Venetian harbor.  The sun had just set
and it was the perfect setting to enjoy strolling along the waterfront and
taking in the many old Venetian and Turkish influenced old buildings.  It just wasn’t enough time – Chania, I’ve fallen
in love with you and I will be back!