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We took a day trip to Erice and Trapani. Erice is a beautiful town on top of a mountain, accessible by car or funicular. The town has maintained its medieval charm, with little piazzas and narrow, winding streets.  You can easily the day strolling through the alleys and visiting all of its churches (there are 60 of them in this tiny town!).

A visit to Erice wouldn’t be complete without a stop at Maria Grammatico’s Pasticeceria del Convento.  Maria learned to bake while living with nuns at an orphanage.  The pastry case is filled with fresh ricotta cannolis, green cassata cakes, and a rainbow-colored selection of little marzipan delicacies.  Today, they also had marzipan-almond lambs in honor of the Misteri celebration and Good Friday procession.

While there is no place to sit, we joined the others, ordered a couple pastries and some “shots” of Marsala wine, and enjoyed our dessert leaning over the countertop in the shop.

Following our visit to Erice, we went to Trapani to watch their Misteri procession. It is the largest in Sicily and goes ofor 6+ hours, with the entire town and tourists watching. 

While watching, we managed to combine lunch and dinner with the Sicialian event of brioche con gelato (think: Ice cream sandwich).

Following the days events, we went back to Marsala for a late evening dinner.  Through a recommendation, we chose Sapori di Sole, and it lived up to its expectations.  Salvo, the owner, was attentive and friendly, the food was delicious and the wine was good too!