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We parked the car in Trapani and boarded a passenger ferry to Favignana.  I really didn’t know what to expect as no one we asked for recommendations from suggested we spend time here. As it turned out, this was the highlight of the trip.

The Egadi Islands are just off the coast of Trapani, but feel like they are a world away, peaceful, surrounded by nature and a crystal clear sea.

Upon arrival, we stopped in our hotel and then rented a couple bicycles (3 Euro each) to explore the island.  We wandered around and then eventually followed the blue itinerary (see below) to Punta Marsala.

Once back in town, there was a party going on at Monique Bar, as it was their opening, which meant free food and drinks for everyone! This of course attracted the entire town, so there was spillover into the streets – massive street party!  It was a blast – We enjoyed drinks, cannolis, pizza and more, all evening long.

Later that evening, we decided to wander further down the street but only ended up next door.  There was a happy hour at the neighboring bar, so we grabbed a table and had some appetizers and another drink, and spent the evening chatting with Francesca and her friends.  We learned that the islands were where the Italiens vacationed – many Sicilians have summer houses there so they were hanging out for the weekend.

The next day, we wanted to explore the rest of the island, but this time, we decided to do so on a scooter.  This allowed us to check out all the remaining routes, and spend the majority of the day at Cala Rossa, a beautiful cove on Favignana. The stunning, flat rockscape was the perfect place to sun bathe, swim and hike.

We also enjoyed Punta Faraglione, where we had a beach to ourselves for a nice picnic.