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Long story, but at Aalok’s birthday drinks in NYC a couple weeks ago, I ended up randomly booking flights to join him for Jan and Julie’s wedding at the The Grand Tirolia Hotel in Kitzbuhel, Austria this weekend.

I arrived very late Friday night, so I decided to take a shuttle from Munich to Kitzbuhel. A painful and tiring journey at 1am, but well worth it to wake up in a hotel room with a panoramic view of the Alps.

Following breakfast, I decided to for a short hike in the mountains, followed by a swim in the hotel pool.

Which was a perfect way to spend the day before the wedding, which began at 4pm.  We started with a few photos pre-ceremony.

The ceremony was a beautiful culmination of multiple cultures and traditions, taking place in both English and German.  

Following the ceremony, Julie and Jan followed a traditional German custom where they had to race to cut out the heart on the clothe.  The first one to finish is carried through it.  Needless to say, Julie won.

Following dinner, speeches and the first dance, there were surprise fireworks that took place on the lawn outside.

And then the cake was cut before the dance party began (which continued until 3am!)

Sunday started out as a painful morning, but after enough hydration and a farewell brunch with Julie and Jan, Aalok and headed up the mountains for some hiking.

And then we ended up our visit with a late lunch in Kitzbuhel, before heading back to Munich.