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Imagine your average wedding. Now multiply it by ten.  Two cities, five venues, endless food, nonstop dancing, and guests descending on Bhubaneswar (and then Delhi) from all over the world.  It was unlike any other wedding.  Below are just a few photos to share some of the highlights of this fairytale event.

Upon arriving at BBI airport, it was virtually impossible to miss the wedding welcome committee.  They were prepared with all of our details and escorted us to our respective hotels.

Saturday, was a “casual” cocktail reception.

Once inside, there was a huge bar in the center, surrounded by a buffet of food, along with loads of entertainment – including Bollywood star, Kanika Kapoor.

The bride and groom were busy greeting all their guests, but we did manage to snag a photo with them:

On Sunday, we took a day trip to Konark Temple and Jagannath Shrine.

Konark Sun Temple is a 13th Century CE temple dedicated to Surya, the sun god.  It was built by King Narasimhadeva I, who commissioned 1200 artisans to build the temple as a chariot for Surya.

We then went to Puri to visit Jagannath temple.  It turned out that foreigners were not allowed inside, so Prachi, Shweta, Vijay and I jumped in an auto while the others were having lunch to visit the temple.

Jagannath Temple is dedicated to Lord Jagannath, a form of Vishnu.  This temple is one of the four places that Hindus make a pilgrimage to, also known as Char Dham.

After the long day, we got back to the hotel & got ready for the evening festivities, Sangeet.

The entrance to Sangeet.

The group, having a few drinks and practicing our dance.

And here’s our big debut as Bollywood dancers!

Selfie with the groom:

On Monday, it was time for Gaurav’s haldi ceremony.

The haldi ceremony serves many purposes.  Hindus see it as auspicious and the ceremony is designed to ward off evils, provide blessings and cleanse the body and soul.

Post-haldi photo with the groom:

That evening was the main event, Gaurav and Akshita’s Wedding.  We started at the Mayfair, getting ready for the baraat.

The guys getting their turbans.

The baraat begins:

We arrive at the wedding venue – a venue built especially for the wedding, and designed after Angkor wat.

Confetti and rose petals in the air as we enter the venue

The fireworks display

Selfie moment

The group

The wedding ceremony

Following the wedding, it was time for a few days of recovery in Gopalpur-on-sea.


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