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This year’s reunion was in Rotterdam, to celebrate Michelle & Randy’s wedding. Here are a few photos and videos from the fabulous wedding weekend.

Armina and I arrived in our hotel room to find some dutch goodies. Typical MVV to do something cute for us!

Despite Armina and I arriving in the evening, we still managed to meet up with the gang and catch the latter part of the “rehearsal dinner”.  We had dinner and drinks, but it was an early night since many of us were jetlagged.

After whatsapp-ing during the wee hours of the morning (jet lag), Muju, Kenny and I agreed to meet for an early morning breakfast, and then walked around Rotterdam’s markets.

We stopped for Poffertjes, which are these traditional dutch donut-like substances: dough topped with loads of butter and powdered sugar.

It was then time to go watch Randy pick Michelle up. 

Waiting in the rain…

Michelle waiting for Randy.

And they are off!..

…if they have the car keys!

We had a bit of time before needing to get ready, so we stopped by a nearby sandwich shop for a snack.  Random dutchiness in the sandwich shop:

In the hotel lobby – we are ready!

Hanging out on the balcony, awaiting their arrival.

Arrival #1: By Boat

Arrival #2: By Bicycle

The Ceremony Begins.

The reception:

Love the shoes!

Sunday afternoon, post-wedding dim sum