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Monteverde is known as one of Costa Rica’s finest ecotourism destinations. The area is strung between two cloud forests.  This is an area where the moist, warm air sweeping in from the ocean is forced upward by the mountain slopes forming clouds.  The clouds cling to the slopes and moisture condenses on the forest creating land that is incredibly diverse.

Additionally, Monteverde is known as a place for extreme adventure. It is home to four different parks where each boast their own features from 1.5 mile long superman style ziplining to the tarzan swing.

Monteverde Ziplining Selvatura

We used Monteverde as a short stopover between Manuel Antonio and La Fortuna.  It was about a 3.5 hour drive although we made one stop along the way to visit the crocodiles.

Crocodiles between Manuel Antonio and Monteverde

Adventuring in the Mist-Shrouded Cloud Forest 

We chose to visit Selvatura Adventure Park because it is closest the Santa Elena Cloud Forest and was known to have the best views.  We spent the morning walking through the treetops on the hanging bridges, taking in the views and seeing the monkeys from a different vantage point.

Hanging Bridges Monteverde

We had a bit of time before our zipline so we stopped to visit the 19 female sloths living in the sanctuary. It was great to see them up close and active, as every sloth we had seen in nature were asleep. After all, they sleep 17 hours per day!

Sloth Sanctuary Monteverde

We ended the afternoon zipping through the forest along their 13 lines. Of course I had to try out the Tarzan swing!

San Lucas Treetop Dining

Just before sunset, we made our way to San Lucas for a seven course dinner in the trees.  This was such a special experience. Upon arrival, we were greeted by Roberto, our private waiter for the evening who then escorted us along the treehouses to find our special glass box.

San Lucas Treetop Dining

The meal was themed to encompass stories related to the nearby lands, landscapes and local products.  For example, we learned all about the Monteverde Cheese Factory and the cheese was incorporated into a dish as cheesy mashed potatoes.

The seven courses were served over about three hours, giving us a chance to enjoy the view from sunset through the evening. Between the beautiful atmosphere, the exquisite service and the storytelling, it was a night to remember.