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Getting to Pristina is difficult.  From London, there are two direct flights per
week (BA).  But if you are picky on which
day of the week you fly or have a mutli-leg trip, these become difficult to

In my case, I flew via Vienna and spent 24 hours there
visiting a friend.  It was a nice stop
over, primarily because I had already seen Vienna’s sites.  Therefore, we spent the day dealing with the
heat by swimming in the Danube and having drinks along the river.


I can’t say Kosovo was every on any travel destination list
I had seen. In fact, most questioned why I would consider visiting Pristina,
along with my safety.  I wasn’t
concerned, but will admit the only reason I booked the flight was because AJ lived

Pristina is a very likeable city, but it is difficult to
describe why.  It feels a bit random –
one block it is full of European cafes with people enjoying coffees and beers
at the outdoor tables.  A few minutes of
walking down the street though and you wonder if you are in a third world
country – roads or buildings can be torn up, storefronts look thrown together,

Pristina isn’t a great representation of all of Kosovo though.  It is worth a day trip to either Prizren or Peja.  In my case, I took the local bus to Prizren and spent the day walking around the beautiful town.  It has a number of beautiful mosques, a castle on top of the hill and it also houses the League of Prizren, the site of the 1878 organisation of political identity by the Albanians.

We also took a day trip to Mirusha, for a short hike to a nice waterfall to swim in.  This was great, given that it was 40 degrees, but if you have seen great natural waterfalls and pools, I can’t say it was too impressive.  That said, the fish restaurant along the way was a welcome addition – fresh grilled fish, nice cheese and peppers, and a good salad.

Overall, Kosovo is a country worth visiting.  It offers friendly people (many of whom speak english), an affordable getaway (very cheap taxis, hotels, food and drinks), and some interesting cities to visit.