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It may not seem very far, but on leisurely sail on Aeolus, a Cape Dory 27, this was a weekend event to go from City Island Yacht Club to Huntington, NY.

We set sail on Saturday morning and with minimal wind, used the motor to get us to a beach, so we could drop anchor for a mid-day break.  Following a short swim, we grilled some chicken and corn on the cob, and had a relaxing lunch while floating about.

Following lunch, we got the boat ready and made our way to Huntington.  Unfortunately, the wind was coming from directly where we were headed and was super light, so it was either go for a very long sail with a lot of tacks or continue to use the motor.  Given that we had a dinner reservation, we opted for the motor.

We arrived at Huntington Yacht Club around 5:30pm, and docked for the evening. It was perfect timing to get washed up and have an aperitivo.

The Huntington launch then took us over to Prime, which was just further in the bay, where we had an amazing dinner – starting out with fresh oysters, ending with delicious key lime pie and filled with lots of wonderful steaks and sides in between.

The next morning, we set sail pretty early as there was a storm forecasted.  Fortunately, we had great wind conditions and made it back to City Island by lunch time and ended our weekend sail with lunch on the pier.