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Marrakesh can  be seen in 1-2 days, but we chose to take a leisurely approach to our visit.  Since we liked our hotel so much, we spent quite a bit of time by the pool, in the lounge, and also talking with the staff.  So we broke up the sightseeing over the course of a few days.  Here are a few highlights:

  • Nightlife: I learned a new phrase last night: Jet-set Clubbing.  While many of the locals do not drink, that doesn’t stop Europeans from jumping on a cheap flight and coming to Marrakesh to party for the weekend.  Whether you are looking for a cocktail at a nice bar or to party “Ibiza-style” all night long, Marrakesh has it. 
  • Having Cocktails at Le Comptoir
  • Food: I know I talk about this throughout the blog, but food is an important part of Marrakesh.  There are many traditional Moroccan restaurants, but Marrakesh is also filled with Moroccan fusion and other cuisines.  Many of the chic restaurants are hidden and difficult to find.  Tip: if you see a nicely decorated door in the Medina, don’t be afraid to knock.  There is a good chance that behind the door is a trendy restaurant waiting to serve you a delicious meal.
Dinner at Villa Flore,

a modern Moroccan restaurant hidden behind a door (no signs)

Delicious pastries at 16 Cafe
    Sunset at Menara Gardens

    The gate near the Mosque and tombs
    The palace entrance is filled with Orange,

    Lemon, Grapefruit, and Banana trees