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While I am not a vegeterian, even I am getting sick of eating meat! If you stick to traditional Moroccan cuisine, you are likely going to be making couscous, veggie salads and nut/cheese plates the staple of your diet.

Here are a couple of suggestions to relieve what must be a very difficult dining regime:

*Pizza Hut: I have always found that branches of American chain restaurants outside the US are much better than those within the US so, when we came across a Pizza Hut, I was estactic.  As I mentioned earlier, I was tired of Morrocan food, so we stopped in the food court at the Almazar shopping center yesterday for lunch. There were many international options, but very few people were frequenting the Korean and Thai places.  Everyone was either eating Moroccan, ice cream, or pizza.  So pizza it was. The bread/crust was great – I’d recommend the Quatre Fromage!

*Earth Cafe: Myra, our lovely hostess at Al Fassia Aguedal, recommended this little vegetarian cafe and it is worth the trip, even for meat lovers, but especially if you are vegeterian.  The veggie burger was tasty, although the name is deceiving.  There is no burger buns involved – instead a patty made of potatos and lentils, sits a top of a bed of carrots and green beans, and garnished with some balsamic vinegar. The crepe, stuffed with spinach, pumpkin and ricotta, was really rich and delicious.  They also had a selection of fresh juices – and I cannot emphasize the “fresh” part enough. It almost felt as though they had blended their garden in by juice cup!