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I made a very quick trip to Delhi to attend one of my closest friend’s weddings.

While Amit’s welcome gift consisted of a fantastic tour book of Delhi, I can’t say I had a chance to use it.  With only 4 days in India, I spent the majority of time attending wedding festivities.Upon arrival, I went to Amit’s house, managed a quick nap and then it was time to apply mehndi.  Following that (and of course, lots of food and drinks), it was time to get ready and go to Shweta’s house for the sagan.

On Friday, I intended to spend the day in the spa, but I ended up doing the opposite – I spent the entire day in the FRO office, seeking permission to exit India on Sunday!  The Indian government makes it very difficult for tourists who would like to entire within 60 days of a previous trip.  It is generally granted for death/illness, but I managed to get an exception for Amit’s wedding.  Unfortunately, it meant that I had to register with the FRO before leaving India, and this is no small feat.

I was suprised that no one told me that it would require hours and a lot of paperwork.  It is no wonder that small stands on the side of the street make a living by offering internet, passport photos and photocopy services!

Fortunately, Friday evening made up for it – The sangeet was filled with good friends, food, drinks and dancing. 

Saturday was the actual wedding and reception.  I spent the day at the salon, followed by an evening filled with wedding festivities.

Overall, a fantastic trip.