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I fell in love with Hong Kong.  It is unlike any other city I have been to.

Upon first site, it reminded me of a very large chinatown.  I landed in the city centre after a red-eye flight from Delhi, and found myself in a taxi that was trying to navigate windy, hilly streets to find my hotel.

I dragged my luggage up a tightly-packed road, filled with neon signage and a strong smell of chinese canteens.

While initially overwhelming, the frenetic pace of life made me want to go out every night!

I spent the days in Cyberport, at Hong Kong University’s business school campus.  So needless to say, I did not do much sight-seeing.  Instead, we filled our evenings taking in the nightlife – from drinks at the city’s glamourous rooftop bars to having dai pai dong (stall food).

We did spend a weekend after the school block week to experience a bit more of Hong Kong.  We spent a day visiting Macau and bungee jumping Macau Tower!

This was then followed by an amazing night out in LKF.

To our surprise, Hong Kong celebrates Halloween like it is New Years Eve.  There are street markets filled with costumes, and then in the evenings, all the streets are closed off to cars and filled with people partying at the clubs and bars.  An amazing night and ended after the sun rose!