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I decided to take my last LBS course in Hong Kong – Deal
Making in Asia.
  I had heard great
things, and couldn’t think of a better way to finish the course than a week in
one of my favourite cities.

Sadly, I can’t say I did any sight seeing on this trip.  But I can’t complain – the week was filled
with great friends, lots of parties and a fun course.  For tips and recommendations on Hong Kong, see my previous post.

Summary of my week (more for my own memory than anything else :)):

Sunday – Hanging out on the Kowloon side with Gaurav, Tomasz
and Laurent

Monday – Dinner in Soho with Gaurav, Tomasz and Laurent
followed by meeting the class at Zuma for drinks

Tuesday – Hot pot with Bertrand, Chris, Annie and Amol,
followed by drinks in LKF

Wednesday –  Horse
races at Happy Valley with Annie, Amol, Gaurav, Tomasz and Laurent, followed by

Thursday – Drinks at Alexsis place

Friday – The class at Dinner, followed by Dragon-i

Saturday – Dragon boat party in Stanley with Laurent, Bertrand and Eriphile, followed by Annie’s kareoke bachelorette party and late night clubbing in Wan-Chai

Sunday – Dinner at Zuma with Laurent, Philippe and Jurg,
before catching a flight