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Cozumel is best known for the cruise ship traffic, with more cruises docking than any other port in the Caribbean.  That said, it also is filled with authentic neighborhoods outside the main tourist area.  There are plenty of secluded beaches and interesting places to snorkel, but we were really in Cozumel to experience the diving at some of the best reefs in the world.

We spent four days diving in Cozumel, mostly chilling out in the morning, and heading out for 2 tank dives in the afternoon.  The boats leave around 2pm, and it’s a quick ride out to most of the dive sites.  The diving is all drift diving, and there were loads of fish, lobster, crabs, rays and eels to see.  Of the eight dives we did, my favourite was Plancar Caves, not only because of the swim throughs in the reef, but we also saw a few turtles.

We happened to be in Cozumal for New Year’s Eve as well.  Given that the cruise ships leave port in the evening, the downtown is not the most happening place to be. We decided to keep it low key and join the hotel party on the beach, and ended the evening with dinner, fireworks and a glass of champagne in the pool.  It was pretty chill, and allowed for us to dive on the first rather than be hungover!