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Jodhpur is the second largest city in
Rajasthan, and known as the Blue City, for good reason –many of the houses
around the fort are brightly painted blue (by mistake, as there was too much
indigo in the white washing).  The city
flourished as it was strategically situated on the route between Delhi and
Gujarat.  Therefore, trade of opium,
silk, sandals and coffee flourished.

Jodpur was a short stop for us on the
way to Udaipur, but we managed to get a feel for the city and see the fort.
Mehrangarh Fort, founded
in 1458, as Rao Jodha’s new capital, occupies the entire top of a hill with
breaktaking views all around, and the city built around it.  The fort houses the Maharaja’s palace,
templates and a large garden.  In
addition to seeing the fort, we visited the Flying Fox, which is a series of 6
ziplines around the fort, providing for amazing views.