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The summer has been filled with all sorts of travel, so much that there has been no time to blog about it.  In May, my classmates and I decented on Istanbul, where Gokhan and Merve did a fantastic job of giving us the inside tour of Istanbul.  We spent the trip visiting amazing restaurants and clubs, while also fitting in a little of the culture.

Later in the month, I celebrated the end of my birthday week with a trip to Paris.  Kudah, Miriam, Minesh, Jeff, Yang, Michelle, Jenn and I took a quick weekend trip to once again, take in some culture, food and nightlife in Paris.

June was calmer, with just one trip abroad.  Jonah and Amy got married in Seattle, so we went back to celebrate with them and see friends.

In July, it was time for another SEMBA trip – this time to Lisbon.  Lisbon was the perfect end to a great year of class.  Halia and Rui did a fabulous job of once again, trying to give us a tour of culture, food and drinks, but we were burnt out and didn’t need the culture.  Instead, it was time to relax on the beach and enjoy the city with friends.

Of course, in July and August, there were also business trips to Geneva and Rome.  Those were mostly work, but I managed to fit in wine with Adriana in Geneva and some good eating Rome.

Overall, a great summer – just not enough time to see London!