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Unfortunately, I had no time to post about Vienna while there. So instead, I will give you a laundry list of things we did..

1) Cafed. A cafe is a noun in english, but in Vienna, it is something you do. You sit in a cafe and drink coffee and eat pastries. It is addicting – good coffee, great pastries, and good wine as well. This was a must at least once a day, sometimes twice.

2) The sites: Vienna has so many great museums, art, music, and things to see. We managed to see: Imperial Palace, the Cici Museum, St. Stephens Church, Museum Quarter (Leapold, Kunthistorisches, and the Punk rock exhibit), Spanish riding horses, Naschmarket, Schonbrunn, the and the orchestra.

After Aarthi left, I spent the day seeing the sights with Shjpetim. I saw Belvedre Palace, St. Charles Church, Pratar, Hunderwasser-Haus, the musicians memorials, and the danube.

3) Going out: This involved everything from dinner, drinking wine, hanging out at Volksgarten, and trying the late night drunk food. You can get your hot dogs cut up in slices with mustard or in a bun.