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Over the past couple of days, everything has been closed. In addition to government run agencies (banks, post offices), markets, grocery stores, retail stores were closed on Sunday. Only bars and restaurants (and retail shops in tourist areas) are open.

And today, being a holiday, only restaraunts and bars were open. One of the french guys reminded me that the french only work 35 hour work weeks – perhaps I am living in the wrong country?

Don’t worry, Amazon. I will put in my time, but I may be inquiring about Amazon Europe in the future.


  • Jenn

    January 28, 2022

    yeah, that was part of what i was thinking when I applied to Insead. Not just fewer hours per week — minimum 5 weeks vacation to start, in addition to sick and holidays. And the Euro/other currencies are strong. And the accents are si charmants…


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