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Every stereotype you have heard about Bavaria is true, and Munich really is the place to experience this.

The city is full of historic sites, massive amounts of shopping, really nice parks and most importantly, beer.

I spent my first day (yesterday) strolling through the city and just getting a feel for Munich.

But it wasn´t until the evening that I really experienced this city. All day long, I saw people drinking beer, but I didnt participate. Then, around 6pm, I went for a beer tour. I learned about the history of beer, the different beers in Munich, and of course, I had a chance to taste them. We made many stops along the way, but I´ll share just two of my favorites:

Löwen Brau (Beer Garden): There were an event taking place here, so all the locals were dressed in lederhosen and dirndls. I didnt think people actually dressed like this! It was great.

Hofbräuhaus (Beer Hall): Although this is home to one of Hitler´s early speeches, it is the ultimate of the beer halls and worth making a visit.

Note: This photo was taken for the beer challenge brochure. So if you are ever in Munich, look for me on the cover of the brochure!

Following the visits to the traditional beer halls, Felix, Jens, Louie and I made our way to an Irish Pub to finish off the night!

Today, Felix and I spent the morning doing a walking tour of the city. Although he lives here, he studies so much that he has not seen the sites! So we both enjoyed seeing the sites and learning a little bit about the history of Munich.

Following the tour, Felix took me to see his university, to have a beer in the English Garden, and then for ice cream.

He went back to study and I headed to Schlöss Nyphenburg. It was sunset and the palace was closed, so it was a great place to go for a walk and do a little reading.