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While I have seen so many palaces and castles on this trip and I am practically castled out, I knew the trip would not be complete without seeing Neuchwanstein.

So yesterday, I took the train to Füssen to visit this castle. In addition to the two castles in the area, I found Füssen to be a nice little town. I had planned on coming right back, but I spent the evening strolling around the town, seeing the church and the castle (yes, a third castle) and having dinner before having to take the train back to Munich.

I thought I would leave Munich today, but instead I slept in and had a lazy morning, hanging out with Felix and having breakfast. I went around town, saw Olympic Park and visited my prospective car, the BMW 1-series.

While they do not allow test drives at BMW headquarters and BMW welt, there are plenty of beautiful cars and interactive toys to keep you occupied for a few hours.

We had a relaxed dinner at home, and now I am doing laundry and getting ready for tomorrow. Before heading to Berlin, I will spend one night in Bamberg (another bavarian town).