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Well, I spent the last day and a half in Bamberg, a little Bavarian town two hours north of Munich.

One might ask, why would you go to Bamberg?

Winding roads, narrow alleys, and canals like Venice make up the small, old town of Bamberg. It has an outstanding architecture, great culture, really friendly people, and amazing beer!

And while I said the beer was great in Munich, it holds true to Bamberg as well. This town brews its own special brew: a smokey dark beer. I normally do not like dark beer, but this was really good!

I spent my time in Bamberg walking around to see the sites, and then spent the afternoon at a beer garden with Cat. Following some beer, Cat, Josh (her fiance) and I had dinner, and then I went off for a late evening stroll around town.

I left Bamberg this morning to catch a train to Berlin. More about Berlin in the coming days!