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Currently, I am in Berlin. Its a large city, cheaper than the rest of Germany, lots of history and nightlife, and actually it has one thing in common with Seattle: great asian food!

Jonah and his dad are also in Berlin, so I have had a chance to meet up with them. In no particular order, I´ll share some of the things I have done:

1- The Brandenburg Gate

2 – Visited the Pergamon Museum

3 – Went on a walking tour of the city

4 – Walked along the Berlin Wall

5 – Strolled through the city

6 – Visited the Holocaust memorial

7 – Checkpoint Charlie

8 – Had dinner at Potsdamer Platz

9 – Saw the giraffe made out of legos

10 – Visited the Reichstaggebäude

11 – Berliner Dom

12 – Attempted to go out. Don´t worry, its Friday night so we´ll do better tonight.