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I arrived via the night train in Prague this morning. It was a rough night, but I managed to get some sleep. While I was in a 3 bed room, the two polish women the the room felt they needed to chat with the light on. Since I was on the top bed, I would have had to step on their faces to turn it off, and I couldn’t communicate with them. Thank god for my ipod.

Upon arrival in Prague, I learned that the train I was on was not going to the main train station and that we would need to get out at another location. This presented a challenge since there was no information desk, currency exchange, or signs for the metro.

As I looked around, I found Roger and Davit to be in the same situation. We banded together and managed to find an ATM, buy a metro ticket, and get into the city.

We spent the day together walking through Prague. This is by far one of the most beautiful cities I have been to – too bad there are a ton of tourists.

In addition to walking around, we saw the Castle, Charles Bridge, the dancing building, old town square, we took the funicular up to the top of Petřín Hill, saw many churches, shops, musicians, and of course, drank the beer.