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I have really enjoyed Prague. It is defenitely the most touristy out of all the cities I’ve visited, but it is gorgeous. This post encompasses the rest of my time in Prague since I took a train today and just arrived in Salzburg.

How did I spend my time in Prague?

Besides day 1, which I already wrote about, here is how I spent the remainder of the time:

1) Walking tours: I took a couple walking tours to get an understanding of what each building was. There are so many historical buildings, from Einstein’s hangout to Kafka’s birthplace, so it was nice to have someone point each and every one of these out.

2) Churches and Synagogues: I toured a number of the churches, and also visited the Jewish quarter, which contained 5 syngogues, including the oldest one in Europe!

3) Drinking beer and wine: Not only is it cheap, but it is great. Oh, and drinking coffee too.

4) Sauntering through the city: I spent a lot of time just on my own, walking through the city and taking in the beauty. I met some people along the way, did some reading, writing, watching the sunset over the castle, and just relaxing.