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Throughout the trip, we have met and I will continue to meet some interesting people. While I meet new people everyday, I will only share my most favorite with you. I will continue to update this post as I meet more people:


Norbert: We met Norbert in Budapest as he was one of the guys working at Mandroga Hostel. We stayed up until 2am just chatting with him and hearing stories about him and his insight about Hungary. Video clip if Norbert saying the longest hungarian word coming soon!

Martha: We met Martha in the baths in Budapest. Since we were in the water, we do not have a photo. She could have been our grandmother – We were so impressed that she didn’t speak much English, but still had the courage to come chat with us. She showed us where all the secret spots (the jets) were in the pools and spent quite a while just talking with us.

Church lady in Eger: I don’t know her name as we didn’t speak the same language. She knew I was trying to understand what the church monument sybolized, so she took my hand and did her best to explain it to me in both Hungarian and German.


Alexander: The serbian who moved to Vienna and eats italian kiwis! Just when we thought our hostel was not social, in walked Alexander. He even got the Asian couple talking! It started with polite conversation, and the next thing you know, he was throwing a kiwi at me and asking me to try it since they were so much better than American kiwis..he was right.

Shepjtim: Dresses up like Mozart and sells concert tickets. Shortly after trying to sell us concert tickets, we ended up having coffee with him and his two friends, one of whom had the same birthday as me. This could have ended there, but it didn’t. I ended up meeting him on Monday, where he took the day off and gave me the insiders tour of Vienna! There is also a story about a pink dress but I’ll save that one for a conversation.

The guy who has the same birthday as me:

Kinder seller: Aarthi and I were having a sacher torte and in walked a guy selling Kinder chocolates. This was similar to the guys on the street raising money for their school basketball team, but it was in a nice cafe and it was kinder. We talked to him for some time…very strange conversation.


Maria Angeles and friends: On my first day in Krakow, I went to Wawel Castle. I had asked a guy to take a photo for me and after taking it, he said “De donde eres?”. When I responded in Spanish, he got so excited and brought his whole group over to meet me. It turns out they were from Spain and had not found anyone in Poland who spoke Spanish. We chatted in the courtyard for about an hour and then continued on our separate ways.

Dan and Adam: Dan and Adam were two English guys in my hostel room. I basically spent two days with them – We went to Auschwitz together, partied, and also went to the Salt Mines.

The Welsch guys in my hostel room: They spoke English, but it sounded like a foreign language. I finally was able to understand that a bit, and we had a great conversation. They even hooked me up with VIP passes to the club they went to that night and gave me the map with train times..very helpful.

Kam, Raj, and Sanjay: These were the guys I met out clubbing. I blame them for the hangover I had.


Roger and Davit: After getting off the night train and finding that the train was not going to the main station, I bumped into Roger and Davit. They were both Americans who also needed to figure out how to get to the metro or tram since we were not at the main station. We ended up taking the metro to my hostel, dropping off Roger’s things at his hostel, and spending the entire day together walking around Prague.

The Penn guys: I took a walking tour of Prague and saw a guy with a Penn shirt on. Turns out the two guys just graduated from Penn undergrad last week and were taking three weeks to have one last hooray before selling their souls to consulting firms. My advice is that they should take longer than three weeks.

Laura and Vesia: I also met these girls walking around Prague. We had lunch together.

Andries: I sat down at the breakfast table this morning at Sir Tobys Hostel and all the people there were from Holland, and we are going to meet again for coffee when I’m in Amsterdam in a couple weeks.


Tejas and Uncle: I met them at the castle and we spent the afternoon having coffee and a pastry together. Also, they introduced me to the all vegeterian, organic indian restaraunt.

Nirmal: He worked at the indian place. Thanks to Nirmal, I ate well at no cost for two full days. He also showed me around Salzburg.

Sophie: An Australian girl staying at in the same room at YoHo. She was the only person I met who was willing to join me and go to Werfen ice caves without a guided tour.

Wolfgang: A german guy who hiked up the mountain with me in Werfen.


Felix and Jens: Felix is my friend that I met in Costa Rica who was kind enough to offer me a place to stay in Munich. Jens is one of his room mates.

Louie (1): Louie is from the middle east and was traveling through Europe. I spent a couple hours with him on my first day, walking around and seeing the old city.

Louie (2). How strange is it that I met two guys named Louie in the same day? This Louie is from Indiana, and I met him on a beer tour in Munich.


Bevin: Bevin and I met on Marienbrücke. We took a photo for one another and then ended up chatting for an hour. We hiked down together and he gave me the grand tour of Füssen (he was staying there for a few days). We had dinner together before I had to run off and catch the train back to Munich.


Lilli: Not pictured. Lilli was the hostel owner – it was a small, cute hostel that felt like a house and Lilli was a riot.

Cat: Cat was staying at the hostel for a night as she was looking for a job and moving to Bamberg!  She and I spend the day together seeing the town and trying some of the fabulous local smoked beer.  Later in the day, we met up with her fiance, Josh, for more beer, and eventually, dinner.


Jonah: Jonah, my friend from Seattle, and his dad were traveling to Berlin.  We met up each night for dinner and to go out.  Here we are having dinner at a thai restaurant where the chef has fruit carving skills.


Tito: The hostel owner.  Tito lived in this tiny hostel, which felt more like a house anyway.  we ended up chatting for quite a while, giving each other recommendations on places to visit in Germany and the US respectively.

Tiapas: A brazilian guy doing an internship in Germany.  It was his first time traveling outside of Brazil!  Anyway, he and I chatted for quite some time, and decided to go out together to watch the futbol game on Sunday.

Arun: Arun lives in Köln.  We met on the train to Amsterdam, where he shared his thoughts about living in Germany and offered any insight to me in the future when I move to Europe!


Hima and Smitha: Friends that I’ve known all my life..We met up in Amsterdam!

Andries (again): See Prague.  We did in fact meet up in Amsterdam.

Stephan: Stephan lives in Amsterdam and loaned me his bike while I was there.  In addition, we chatted until the wee hours of the morning and he showed me around Amsterdam a bit.  I fully expect (and hope) to have him and his girlfriend visit Seattle in the future.

Sam, Jamie, and Ryan: Collegues from Starbucks.  We had drinks and dinner (Indonesian food).