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We danced in the rain, on the beach, and in the pool, under the stars. An amazing start to 2014.  Puerto Rico is a great place to spend new years eve.

After rustic island life in Vieques, we decided to spend a few days in a nice resort in San Juan – just hanging buy the pool and beach, as well as planning the rest of our trip!  La Concha’s rooms aren’t anything special, but it is a great resort for New Years Eve.  While there are clubs and restaurants hosting parties (Brava being the one most talked about), La Concha hosts an invitation only (open to all guests) party – it transforms the entire hotel – the lobby and pools – into an indoor/outdoor dance club with the best DJs in town.

It was a relaxed environment with fantastic music, and a very diverse crowd – from families to singles, some dressed in beach dresses and flip flops while others were in evening gowns and high heels.  The only common theme being Glitter and Shimmer – coming in the form of jewellery, dresses or just glitter on the paper new years eve hat!

Overall, it was a night to remember.  We spent the remaining minutes of 2013 dancing by the pool and drinking champagne. 50 seconds before the year ended, we went from great weather to a tropical rainstorm!  The torrential downpour didn’t impact the party though – everyone continued to dance, watch the fireworks and bring in the new year.  In fact, given everyone was wet, people started jumping in the pool, fully dressed!  We ended the night at 4am in the jacuzzi overlooking the sea – a gorgeous view to bring in 2014.